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Tribler BitTorrent Client Can't Be Shut Down
File Distribution Becomes More Decentralized
by Karl Bode 02:39PM Friday Feb 10 2012
Torrent Freak directs our attention to the development of a new BitTorrent client whose developers claim is impossible to shut down without pulling the plug on the entire Internet. Dubbed Tribler, the client uses pure peer to peer communications and doesn't require a central website to find or download content. The client has been in development for five years, but becomes increasingly relevant as the entertainment industry's war on filtering websites grows. It works rather simply:
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When a user clicks on one of the search results, the meta-data is pulled in from another peer and the download starts immediately. Tribler is based on the standard BitTorrent protocol and uses regular BitTorrent trackers to communicate with other peers. But, it can also continue downloading when a central tracker goes down...According to Dr. Pouwelse, Tribler is fully capable of resisting any pressure from outside, and it will still work when all torrent sites and trackers are gone. It simply can’t be shutdown, blocked or censored, whatever laws politicians may come up with.
As the entertainment industry (and the governments who love their campaign cash) ramp up their focus on filters and attacks on centralized distribution hubs, developers are simply shifting their focus toward more decentralized solutions. The very Internet was designed as a communication medium that persists regardless of regional shutdown, so the idea that piracy can ever really be stopped is a pipe dream. Thus, an endless game of (often taxpayer funded) whac-a-mole!

As we've seen time and time again, no matter how draconian the attempt to stop piracy is (be it filters, throttling, lawsuits, bad laws or ISP warning campaigns) -- piracy not only lives on -- but thrives. It's clear to everyone but the entertainment industry that you can't stop piracy, you can only slow it -- and the only way to seriously slow it is to compete with it through lower prices and quality distribution services. That's something companies like Valve Software have figured out with their Steam distribution platform for the game industry, but it seems to be an utterly inconceivable concept for Hollywood.

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Shelton, CT

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reply to aaronwt

Re: How can legit distribution go to $0 prices?

said by aaronwt:

it costs money here. There is a bill for water usage. Although I haven't used tap water for drinking in 25 years.

Water is some $5/1000 gal. You drink maybe 15 gal/month. That's $0.075/month. For all practical purposes the cost of the water you *drink* is 0.

Karl Bode
News Guy

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reply to Niarlan
Exactly. Steam works to help erode piracy because it makes buying games simple, cheap, and easier that having to use BitTorrent to download, compile rars, install a crack, etc. A functional, inexpensive video service would be equally appealing....of course such a product would erode traditional legacy platforms which is precisely why they don't try. They'd just rather complain about piracy and lobby for awful laws like SOPA.

Manville, NJ

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reply to FFH5
Convenience....and a reasonable price point. When the distribution is easier through established outlets and the price is right you can compete.

Some folks will never pay for anything, then there at the folks who balk at paying a high price for a lower perceived value. You have to target the folks who would buy things if the price was more reasonable and forget the ones who will never pay.

Then you will up sales over the long run and have a viable business model.