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Tuesday Evening Links
by Revcb 07:00PM Tuesday Mar 26 2013

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Rogers ad crap

Rogers has been sued for claims that they can not substantiate. Varying rulings are based on which province likes to screw over their people the best.
["We have the fastest network!". So where is the unbiased third party audit? "We have the fastest network and all network configurations are confidential".]

»encrypted.google.com/#hl=en&outp ··· &bih=872

When it comes to advertising, is corporations can claim anything they want.
No one is going to make them apologize with the same airing time as the false advertising.
So advertise you are the best ever since the dawn of electronics man, and 2 weeks later get the ads pulled and no need to apologize to the the victims of the fraud, who are now locked into shitty contracts and no knowledge of how to easily get out of those contracts due to fraudulent advertising.

Next time on rants and farts: Below the line fees not mentioned in the advertising. A crime? Or how to sucker in the rubes with one price and then nail them into poverty with the first bill? And then collect the big early termination fee.

Tavistock NJ

RE:Facebook to start placing intrusive ads in newsfeed

Facebook to start placing intrusive ads in your news feeds:
»news.yahoo.com/facebook-expands- ··· tor.html

Facebook Inc is expanding the advertising system that lets marketers tailor messages to users of the No. 1 social network based on their browsing history, in the company's latest step to refine its ad business.

So far, the system has been used to target graphical display ads on the right side of a Facebook user's page, based on websites visited in the past, such as for products or potential vacation destinations.

The move announced on Tuesday will incorporate this system, called Facebook Exchange, to the ads in Facebook's News Feed.

Ads that appear directly within the Facebook News Feed are considered crucial to its future business prospects since they can be seen on mobile devices such as smartphones. About two-thirds of Facebook users accessed the site on a mobile device in December.

Brighton, MA

Re: RE:Facebook to start placing intrusive ads in newsfeed

glad I just deactivated my account

Milford, CT
said by FFH5:

Facebook to start placing intrusive ads in your news feeds:

MVP Hosts file to start nullifying virtually all connection requests to advertising servers:


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This is a challenge to HBO, however it would be a risky step for the company to by-pass its traditional distribution partners, which provide HBO with lucrative subscription fees.

How are they by passing anyone? Last time I checked every cable company is also an ISP. The only ones that could be ticked off are DirecTv and Dishnetwork that don't offer internet.