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by Revcb 07:40AM Tuesday Jul 23 2013

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Opinion: Patent trolls of HigherEd...

I realize the "contributions" our higher education "universities" contribute to the total of society's progress. However, I am stumped at the number of patents that are controlled by these "liberal" institutions that are actually holding progress back, in the name of greed.
E.G. a professor has his grad students procure a realization, and the professor meets with the university legal staff to form many patents (from his "work" aka grad's research). That patent (let's say for translucent-dimming windows) now sits to gain billions in future "anticipated" licensing (do we see "affordable" LCD dimming windows in our homes?).
So it sits. And as soon as someone comes up with the idea or improvement on them, they either are requested to license, or the "trolls" wait till the product generates significant income, only to take them to court for those millions or billions.
The patent system is broke. Too many inventions on paper and nothing to show but lawyers.
I work for a university and have had this discussion with several "emeritus" that live off their patents. It was a good talk and it brought some perspective (not all professors exploit their students work, not all universities take more from the patent than the inventor, and most reward their faculty...) but they all agreed: the system is flawed and needs some serious oversight.
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Re: Opinion: Patent trolls of HigherEd...

I think one place to start is find a way to legally eliminate patent holding firms. The biggest patent trolls are these companies that just buy up patents and sit on them until there is somebody to sue.
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What's with the Happy Mixed Unhappy crap at the top?

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Not sure where I should send feedback but I think the 3 columns: Happy Mixed Unhappy at the top of the DSLR homepage looks rather stupid and is a massive waste of space. Why put content few will have any interest in clicking in the most prominent space on the entire website? It looks weird, tacky and unprofessional.