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by Revcb 07:54AM Tuesday Mar 25 2014

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Legacy Media Support Guy thinks we can't Video on the Internet

The most special excerpts from The future of TV is here but please don’t all try it at once

It's by a Legacy Media consultant who visited a Tech Com and decides the Internet fails at TV because it isn't designed like broadcast model from last century.

the future is here but the Internet itself just isn't ready for (TV over the Internet) yet.

We got to see Google's Chromecast ... surely this is what everyone will do now.
Well no, because everyone can't... at least not at the same time. We love to watch linear TV and, put simply the public Internet just isn't designed to support significant amounts of simultaneous streaming of the same content.

I can get a good service from my little AppleTV box at home, streaming a concert live from SXSW because I am in a tiny minority

The only reason I can stream is because the public Internet can only cope with the (relatively) small amount of viewers doing so and the even smaller amount that access simultaneously.

Some of this is due to the power and capacity of the content providers' own systems, but a lot is also down to the way the public Internet itself is configured to deliver video - it was set up as a peer-to-peer telecoms network, not for multicasting video. Some private networks are configured to cope but not the public Internet.

Synopsis: Because the Internet isn't narrowly designed for the broadcast industry it isn't capable of carrying more of same traffic it's carrying now.

This is a made-up problem that totally ignores what's really holding back Internet TV.

A) Peer providers are holding video streams hostage until Content providers give into ransom demands
B) Content creators are refusing consumer demand to stream their products
C) A lack of ISP competition has most of the planet not getting the deployments and upgrades they pay for

At the end he says just wait, the Internet will get where it needs to be.

Sounds like a threat to me.
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Re: Legacy Media Support Guy thinks we can't Video on the Internet

He of course misses the fact that people love to binge and Netflix proves that.

He also forgets that the internet gets where it wants to be weather the content owners want it to go there or not.

the rest here mostly focuses on how right your point B is.

Piracy proves this, While yes most of it is people not wanting to pay. Some of it is people wanting to pay but they want to consume on their own terms.

HBO has people begging them to take their money.

People use VPNs for legal EU streams or watch pirate streams of US sporting events because the leagues refuse to take their money and offer live streams of games domestically or they black out games in home towns. Again people want this stuff and the owners refuse.

The Aussies are using VPNs so they can watch US content without waiting months, Again content owners are missing a boat here.

The problem Content owners seem to have is they think the Internet should be broken up regionally just like their old model. While forgetting that the internet is a global network and its content should always be available globally.
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