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by Revcb 08:00AM Tuesday Jun 10 2014

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Noah Vail
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Lorton, VA
·Bright House

re: Would you pay $30/mo to watch these channels . .

If you wanted to cut costs, you’d go without Disney, ESPN and ABC, which cost about $11 a month
Save $11? Heck, I'd pay $11/mo to scrub Disney and pro-sports out of a programming bundle.
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Orange, CA

Re: Would you pay $30/mo to watch these channels . .

I would not pay for a $30 online package. While this may be great for those wanting to watch television online, or those that have good internet, but no decent pay TV option and a large tree blocking southern skies for satellite.... the package structure will be the same as any regular cable, as in you cannot pick and choose your channels.

One of the main reasons I finally dropped DirecTV and went with a Netflix/Hulu/Amazon only solution, is that they don't give me any choice. I am FORCED to pay for ESPN (around $5 per subscriber last time I checked) when I don't watch much sports. In Los Angeles, I am FORCED to pay the $4 for the Lakers channel, when i don't ever watch basketball. If I do watch baseball, its going to be the Anaheim Angles, (I reject your Los Angeles reality, and substitute my own) and if carriers finally make a deal with the new Dodgers channel, I will be paying another $4 for a channel I don't need.

The other channels may be small peanuts compared to that, but why pay $30 for a channel package, if I only want to watch the channels that may add up to $12 in total. They still force channels on me I do not want or need, the package structure is going to be similar to regular cable. I still don't get a choice.
"I reject your reality and substitute my own!"

Chesterfield, MO

Re: re: Would you pay $30/mo to watch these channels . .

It's equally abusive the broadcast and CW fee of over $8/month and the content isn't ad free! For something that's freely available to most US households, broadcasters want over $8/month!

WTF happened to the major networks? Have advertising revenues dropped to the point that they are forced to $1 and $5 (way beyond nickel and dime) us for something that most can probably receive free? Good grief I need to get an antenna and cancel my cable video package.