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UK: Competition=At Least 4 Broadband Providers
Deregulation push afoot overseas...
by Karl Bode 02:12PM Tuesday Feb 19 2008
Though there's ample complaints across the UK that customers aren't getting the speeds they pay for, and they have significant trouble switching providers, there's a serious push afoot to deregulate the UK broadband market. Interestingly however, they're only deregulating the market in regions they deem competitive, and their definition of competitive means that consumers must have the choice of at least four broadband providers.

Years ago there was a debate in the UK over whether 128kbps was broadband, though some wanted the standard to be 500kbps (In the U.S. it's 200kbps). At those low standards much of America would be considered competitive, given many people have a choice of 3G, cable, DSL and satellite. Should we bump that number up to 1-3Mbps, the broadband markets in both countries instantaneously become less competitive.

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San Ramon, CA

The Interweb....

Its overrated anyways.

Rockville, MD

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in the U.S.

competition = one cable provider + one telco provider

therefore, deregulation is rampant, 'cause we have such a competitive market - the FCC, telcos and cablecos say so, it must be true.

Avon, OH

Re: in the U.S.

said by nasadude:

competition = one cable provider + one telco provider

Exactly as i was about to say

The Roar of the Masses Could be Farts

Chevy Chase, MD

Socialist Deregulation?

This is a country that just nationalized a failing bank. I can't wait to see what Ol' Gordon Broon's concept of deregulation entails. And as for places that have 4 broadband providers, that's probably going to be the big cities only. I doubt very much if you're going to get BT, Tiscali, Virgin Media and A.N. Other in John o'Groats.

United Kingd

Re: Socialist Deregulation?

big cities have atleast 10-15 tops to choose from. most rural areas have atleast 4. Virgin, Sky, BT and AOL.

The Roar of the Masses Could be Farts

Chevy Chase, MD

Re: Socialist Deregulation?

said by Kiryu:

big cities have atleast 10-15 tops to choose from. most rural areas have atleast 4. Virgin, Sky, BT and AOL.
If you call 10-15 "providers" punting BT 512k service then yeh, I guess you have 10-15. OOPS! There went Bulldog! Now it's down to 14. YIKES! Tiscali's just gone titusp! Make it 13....

It's still crappy, overpriced and slow. I had NTHell crap 10/768 service for more than twice what I pay now for 15/2. And 99% coverage? Me bollix.
Getting your news from Bill O'Reilly is like getting your nutrition from deep-fried Ding Dongs.

Broadband providers?

I'll bite. Four or five non-colluding broadband sellers does indeed mean competition.

But ONLY if they sell competing products.

Satellite (unavailable to many) isn't broadband if it has low FAP and high latency. Bzzt.

3G at $80/month with a hidden 5G cap is not competitive.

For most markets, that leaves 1 or 2 sellers: cable modems (duh, its the cable company - never going to be robust, high-performance or free from hassle), and DSL/"fiber". Except that telco will rip out the copper just as soon as they can, yet limit how you can use their fiber. As far as I'm concerned, we're at "zero" competition in the US.

Not that I'm complaining about my $14.95/month DSL. We've come a long way from 110bps.

North Tonawanda, NY
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My small competition...

In my area, all I have is Verizon with their FiOS in most places, soon to be the entire area, along with DSL. There is also Time Warner with their Roadrunner service, and a few miles from here, Frontier with their DSL. Not very competitative, other than getting things from 3rd party resellers who are trying to give me DSL or Cable from Time Warner for cheaper prices. So yeah, not really competitive until Verizon finishes up their FiOS job in my area, which is going to happen this summer. By that time, Roadrunner will be destroyed as my area gets speeds up to 30Mbps/15Mbps.

Also, if you don't want DSL, Cable or FiOS, then there is always dial-up from AOL, Wal-MArt (same thing as AOL...), a local Dial-up ISP called Wizard Communications, and a few others, along with a few T1/T3/Fiber providers, which are all very costly.