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U.S. Broadband Black Holes Still Having to Wire Themselves
Leverett, Massachusetts Votes Overwhelmingly to Build Fiber Network
by Karl Bode 06:40PM Wednesday Jun 06 2012
Way back in 2005 we profiled the Massachusetts towns of Shutesbury and Leverett, two shining examples of the kinds of U.S. towns that have fallen into broadband connectivity black holes. Large regional providers like Verizon didn't want to upgrade the markets, and could barely be bothered to keep aging copper in the region fully functional. The better part of a decade later at Leverett has decided to spend $3.6 million to build their own broadband network. According to The Daily Hampshire Gazette, 83.5 percent of voters supported the measure, which should see starting bids this summer. The network will raise local property taxes by about 6%, though supporters argue the savings they'll see in connectivity costs (many can only get over-priced satellite broadband) will offset those increases. "We wanted people to do the math for themselves, and generally they were satisfied with what they saw," said Richard Nathhorst, a member of the Broadband Committee.

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