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U.S. Broadband Speed Improvements Slowing
by Karl Bode 04:07PM Friday Jan 10 2014
According to the latest data from Akamai, Internet speeds are still improving overall, but quarter to quarter speed improvements appear to have slowed. According to Akamai, the average U.S. broadband connection speed was 8.7 Mbps in the second quarter, up from 8.6 Mbps the quarter before. The percentage of US broadband users connecting at speeds above 10 Mbps also remained largely static, measuring 24% compared with 25% in first quarter.

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The report notes that not all States are creating equal, with most seeing modest improvement while others actually saw declines for various reasons (usually a provider shifting large IP blocks from one state to another, claims Akamai on page 19):
Seven of the listed states saw nominal growth from the first quarter, including the District of Columbia, which added a scant 0.1% for an average connection speed of 11.4 Mbps. Connecticut saw a similarly tiny increase (to 10.0 Mbps), while the highest rate of growth was seen in Washington, at just 4.7% (to 10.1 Mbps). Slight quarterly declines were seen in three of the top 10 states — Utah lost just 0.4% (to 10.3 Mbps), Delaware lost 3.0% (to 10.8 Mbps), and New Hampshire lost 7.9% (to 10.7 Mbps).
While growth is slowing things are still improving, with 43 States seeing at least some speed growth quarter over quarter. Year over year improvements also continue to be strong, with the national average connection speed increasing 22% from last year, and the percentage of people connecting at speeds above 10 Mbps up 43% year over year.

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Telcos are to blame

With AT&T, Verizon, and Centurylink sitting on their hands it's no wonder. With the cable companies not facing any real competition they aren't doing as much as they once were.

My area is a good example... AT&T plus Mediacom with an incomplete build out leads to poor speeds in my area.