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UTOPIA Joins the 1Gbps Club
Starts Offering 1 Gbps for $300 in Utah
by Karl Bode 06:25PM Thursday Jun 14 2012 Tipped by somms See Profile
Not to be outdone by other fiber to the home projects like Google Fiber or Sonic.net, Utah's municipal fiber outfit Utopia has announced they'll soon be offering 1 Gbps connections to every home they pass. Both XMission and Veracity Networks will offer the 1 gigabit-per-second connections for around $300 a month -- up from the maximum symmetrical 25 Mbps now offered. It seems unlikely that many customers will sign up for the blistering speed, but as with 1 Gbps offerings, it will certainly give regional incumbents Cox and CenturyLink something to worry about on the public relations and marketing front.

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