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U-Verse TV Hits 1 Million Subs
Available to 17 million users by year's end...
by Karl Bode 06:32PM Tuesday Dec 09 2008
According to AT&T's John Stankey, president and chief executive of telecom operations, the telco is ahead of schedule with U-Verse deployment, and expects to hit one million U-Verse TV customers sometime next week. By "ahead of schedule" he means a few weeks, as AT&T had expected to hit that mark by year end. According to AT&T, the VDSL-based service will be available to 17 million customers by the end of the year. Stankey notes that while installation times and costs have fallen, average revenue per user for video has grown in double digits, percentage wise. He also notes that 54% of new U-Verse Internet users didn't have DSL before.

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Waterbury, CT

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reply to ninjatutle

Re: 16 Million say NO

Where in the world did you ever read into my post(s) that I hate competition?

Quite the reverse. I'd just like to see something competitive is all...not a next generation disaster.

My posts simply call it like I see it as it relates to the technology from a business perspective.

And call them what you will..but my predictions for 2 years now are all coming to fruition. Nowhere in the country has this mega disaster played out like it has here in Ct.
From the political to legal battles..the dislike for vrads..
and our state being surrounded by Verizon and their FIOS rollout..here we are..stuck in the middle with AT&T.

In all honestly..I feel sorry for the AT&T workers in this state..many who are former SNET workers. SNET was a great company and to be so shackled by the mismanagement that is occurring is devastating to them I'm sure. We're also seeing many of the diehard snet/at&t customers even jumping ship in the Ct. forum. That tells the real story I think about how they're fed up with what has occurred and have decided that they too want something better. And who can blame them? Certainly not I. It's up to AT&T to change my mind. And the minds of everyone who has finally said..

enough is enough.

And until that day comes the demise of this company will continue.

Sad ..but true.
The Coyote captured the RR! Roadrunner Rick is now Comcastic!

Waterbury, CT

2 recommendations

to Uverse.

Isn't that what those numbers really mean? Umm..hello?
You have this supposedly exciting new product that is supposedly all the latest rage and undercutting cable..it
finally makes it's way to 17 million homes..and 16 million say..thanks..but no thanks.

That's how I see those numbers. And it is PATHETIC at best.
And spells the END of AT&T..at worst.

Yes ladies and gentlemen. The END of AT&T.

Because you simply cannot lose as many landlines as they have..and take almost HALF your DSL customers to try to fill in those uverse gaps and expect this company to survive.

Notice that other statistic..because that is exactly what is occurring. 46% of these customers for uverse internet are being cannibalized from their own customer base.

What we have going on here is similar to if mcd's posted quarter after quarter about how their HAMBURGERS and FRY's customers were abandoning them left and right..and they hoped that hot pumpkin pies at Halloween would somehow fill the gap. Well..guess what? It won't. Because it was the landline and dsl business that was their backbone. And one of 17 people saying yes to Uverse..and almost HALF them being their own customers coming from somewhere else..is not a recipe for future success.
It is a recipe for DISASTER when you are a company of this size and magnitude.

They are being whittled down to an operation similar in scope to what AOL is today. A mere blip on the screen of what they once were.

I wish I knew what could save them. 2 years ago when I first began foretelling of this great American disaster approaching..I had ideas.

Today..I have none. Layoffs and more layoffs I fear I see coming. More and more cannibalization while they try to paint a pretty picture on the titanic going down. Comcast surpassing them as the largest broadband provider before years end.

What ever happened to this company? What happened is they never saw or cared about the threat that began developing over a decade ago. Didn't care enough to improve their network the way they needed to to compete in this new world of hdtv and very high speed broadband. Cared too deeply about growing this relic of a company even larger..by adding just more of the same. Cared about their profits and dividends. And never saw the nukes coming at them.

16 Million people...just saying No.

No..to Uverse. No..to AT&T.
The Coyote captured the RR! Roadrunner Rick is now Comcastic!