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Unsurprisingly, Google Voice Getting Integrated Into Hangouts
by Karl Bode 04:00PM Tuesday Mar 18 2014
Those of you who use Google Voice to dodge your cell carrier's voicemail services (like myself) may want to take note: 9 to 5 Google notes that Google appears to be preparing to "kill" Google Voice and integrate most of that application's functionality into Google Hangouts. If you've watched Google integrate Google+ Messenger, Talk, Messaging and Voice into just Voice and Hangouts, this shouldn't be too much of a surprise. It seems safe to assume that most of your Google Voice settings (including your phone number) would remain intact during any such transition -- which the website suggests is still "months out."

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Santa Fe, NM

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Enough is Enough

Google used to be a cool technical company that sold ads to pay the bills. Now they are an advertising company that uses technology to suck in more eyeballs. Not the same thing at all.

I ported my Google Voice number to an independent VOIP company a couple of months ago. Google does a good job at spam removal, so my email is still with them, but it's right on the edge.


Fremont, OH
·AT&T U-Verse

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reply to Lark3po

Re: Knew it was only a matter of time...

Google said before the service wouldn't be free forever. And just kept extending the deadline for it. But when you have a company that changes the services/products as often as Google one has to start questioning why should anyone use those products when they're only going to just change them or phase them out.


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reply to CosmicDebri

Re: Why does google want to suck like everyone else?

Worse than that, they will count the folks who used to use Google Voice and still have accounts, and maybe phone numbers they are no longer using because they have moved on.

I thought it was bad enough when Google started getting so pushy about trying to get Gmail users to become Google+ users, and now this. They make a mockery of "Don't be evil."
I refuse to believe that corporations are people until Texas executes one.

Verizon FiOS

Marshfield, MA

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Learn your lesson

Don't get overly dependent on any of Google's services. They have a habit of "hanging up" on them.

Palm Coast, FL

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I use Google Voice on a regular basis.

I really hope they do not make any major change to the interface of Google Voice. I use it daily for business/personal use and would hate to have to port the number out.