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Upstream Bandwidth -- Continued
No Demand? Technology constraints? Or just cash...
by Karl Bode 01:01PM Tuesday Dec 19 2006
The Associates Press ran two stories on upstream bandwidth this week; the first, which we discussed yesterday, focused on user frustration with limited upload speeds. It also featured several ISP execs proclaiming that they don't offer faster upstream speeds, because customers weren't asking for it. "Speed has not been an issue for most of our customers, or we'd hear about them," proclaimed a Time Warner Cable spokesman. The second article published by the AP yesterday goes on to suggest that sluggish upload speeds exist largely because of technical constraints. As recently discussed the technology does exist -- it's just a matter of ISPs being willing to pay for upgrades -- and Joe User deciding his 384kbps upstream connection sends video at a snail's pace.

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They're right

Most cable customers have not a clue what speed they're actually getting. The small minority of ISP customers who hang out at this site are irrelevant in the bigger marketing picture.

Oddly, The Evil Deathstar doesn't seem to have any problem giving me 768 up for well under $40 a month, and doesn't limit what I can do with it either.

Until email requires 10 megabits up you won't be seeing it widely deployed anywhere near the US of A. There's no money in it.
Toolmaster of La Grange.