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Utah ISP: Google's No More Open Than Competitors They Fight
XMission Sees a Few Problems in Google's $1 Deal
by Karl Bode 08:55AM Monday Apr 22 2013
XMission knows a thing or two about deploying fiber in Utah -- they're one of the ISPs that offers service over the wholesale Utopia network -- the largest municipal fiber deployment in the United States. As we noted last week Google managed to get a $39 million fiber deployment for just $1, and while XMission welcomes Google to the fold, in a blog post the company criticizes the fact that Provo had to essentially give away the farm to bring Google in.

The company also is quick to point out that Google's approach isn't any more open to wholesale than the companies they'll be competing against, meaning that consumers still won't have much of a choice should they, say, disagree with Google's privacy standards:
The most unfortunate aspect of this deal is that cities will continue to lobby Google to monopolize their fiber service, and after the necessary deep concessions, Google will accept. Some day the US may wake up and find that we’ve installed another communications giant that needs to be broken up. I have lobbied hard for the past decade for open municipal fiber infrastructure, and will continue to do so, but so far, that idea is shrinking rather than growing.
As the company notes, Google originally promised to offer open wholesale access to their network, a promise that very quickly disappeared once Google Fiber came to market. You might recall that a 2009 study found that the open access model reduces prices and increases competition, findings the government quickly proceeded to ignore. While Google Fiber is a great thing for consumers at the moment, XMission isn't the first to note that the sweetheart deals they're striking with local communities come at a cost.

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