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Verizon: Accusations of FiOS Redlining an 'Insult'
by Karl Bode 12:00PM Tuesday Dec 03 2013
As we've often noted, more than a few cities are annoyed that Verizon ignored them when they deployed FiOS, including Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Alexandria and Albany. Those cities frequently complain they weren't told why they were left out of the upgrade loop, or when (if ever) Verizon will get around to upgrading them. Albany, New York is the latest to complain, State Senators speaking at a rally last week accusing Verizon of "redlining"; something Verizon didn't appreciate:
"Albany cannot be redlined," Breslin said. "I urge them to reconsider and come to Albany and other upstate cities." Verizon is adamant that its decision not to build a fiber-optic infrastructure in the city of Albany at this time is not motivated by any concern about the financial viability of some parts of the city. "Frankly, someone suggesting that is an insult to us and how we do business," said spokesman for Verizon John Bonomo.
Verizon continues to state they're busy expanding FiOS only in regions they've struck existing franchise agreements, but refuses to state if there will ever be a serious new FiOS expansion effort beyond that.

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Ashburn, VA

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Re: Build it

The industry needs heavy regulation or it needs to be drastically reworked to somehow allow for significantly more competition with business models that the consumer can more directly impact with their wallets, and not leave all the negotiating solely between the ISP giants and the media conglomerates.

It ain't working now. Prices are increasing above that of inflation and the service is typically rated at the lowest levels.

We are nearly at the point where anything is better.


Purcellville, VA
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Its not an insult when its the truth.

You (VZ) has been given countless sums of money in the forms of subsidies and grants and put only a fraction of it back into the network. This is a type of what?

Daylight robbery.

Meanwhile you are literately letting your Bell legacy fall off the poles, while shoving 4G LTE as a solution for everything down everyone's throats. Your executives dream and fantasize of the day when they can put a 20gb cap on countless households and charge insane rates in the connected age.

CATV appreciates your contribution to their future eternal success.

We, the consumers, will be endlessly screwed (This is murika, muh freedoms) and the US infrastructure will continue to decline, eventually hitting third world levels. The elite and the corporations will have no issues - they can afford the megaprices for decent service and places with such services.



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don't be confused

Please don't let the feathers, webbed feet, and 'quack' sound fool you, we are not, nor have we ever been, a duck.