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Verizon CEO Hints at 1 Gbps FiOS
Says More 'Troublesome' Copper Lines to Be Migrated
by Karl Bode 11:02AM Wednesday Jan 09 2013
Speaking at CES yesterday in his first keynote, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam hinted at 1 Gbps FiOS and suggested the company would be speeding up the transfer of "troubled" copper customers to FiOS. Verizon in 2012 made getting users on problematic copper lines onto FiOS a priority, and it's something the CEO says will speed up this year.

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Sandy in particular has been used to speed up this migration, whether those customers want to lose POTS or not. McAdam acknowledged as much in his keynote:
One event that drove Verizon to accelerate its copper-to-fiber migration program in 2012 was Hurricane Sandy. With much of its copper facilities damaged beyond repair in both New York City's Broad Street area and areas of New Jersey such as the Barrier Islands, the service provider decided the best route was just to replace it with fiber.

"When we had the impact of Sandy our mantra was you will not fix copper," McAdam said. "So if copper got into any kind of a damaged situation and FiOS was in the vicinity, or we could run FiOS down an adjacent street and get into there, we would cut the copper out of service."
In an obvious nod to Google Fiber, McAdam stated the company has the technology in place to offer 1 Gbps speeds to customers, but didn't state when this would be made available. It wasn't that long ago that Verizon, responding to some faster cable offers, insisted that 100 Mbps was just a marketing "parlor trick." The company then proceeded to offer 300 Mbps in some markets for $205 a month.

Despite all the talk about speed, Verizon's focus on FiOS in 2012 primarily involved raising prices on broadband and TV packages.

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