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Verizon, Cable Bundles Spread to New Markets
Florida, Maine and Nebraska Get Quadruple Play
by Karl Bode 08:35AM Tuesday Jul 24 2012
Despite not yet getting regulatory approval for their partnerships, Verizon and the cable industry continue to quickly expand their bundling and cross-promotion relationship, today announcing new bundle options in numerous additional markets. According to a Verizon and Time Warner Cable joint press release, the companies are now offering Verizon Wireless services as a bundle option in additional markets in Maine and Nebraska. The two companies already offer the services in Alabama, Kansas, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina and Wisconsin. A joint statement by Comcast and Verizon say the two companies are now offering bundle options in Florida. Cable customers who add Verizon services can get prepaid gift cards up to $300 with Comcast, and up to $200 if they're with Time Warner Cable. Consumer Groups argue the arrangement reduces the companies incentive to compete on the wireline front, something that's becoming rather evident. The co-marketing arrangement is now available in 21 states.

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Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS

single play = price gouge, quad play? Rape!!

expect no good deal for a single service..

50/25 internet is $79.99 in a 2 year contract, $85 w/o and your likely to pay the install fee out of contract if your not rewired... beware..

digital voice phone service has roughly $12 in taxes & fees.

video? $7 set-top box rental fee, plus franchise fee, plus bogus "UN" fees.

Bundled? a Quadruple nightmare of price gouging!!! Raping of the consumer for evey last penny.



humpy dumpy

So which side of humpy dumpy(ma bell) are they putting back together again?

Valley Stream, NY

Wireless Cry

So it is pretty clear that end of fast landline in US is over.

But in the end, i cannot blame Verizon as people shift towards mobile devices. Soon enough customers will hit cap walls and start crying.
Semper Fi


Re: Wireless Cry

Which is just what Verizon wants.

Not just to gouge you on their plans, but to give you no choice but to pay them.

East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS

What I find interesting

I essentially have the quad play, except my cell is corporate paid, which is like $200/mo. When I spoke to the FIOS people they said NG to any discounts because I wasn't paying. However this does not happen in a vacuum. I as a corporate buyer have a choice of ATT, Sprint, or Verizon so that extra $200/mo in their coffers is by MY choice.

I believe that with convergence and security that VZW and others are banking that people will have 2 devices. Guess what I work for the most anal security IT and I can use my iphone for almost anything. One device.

In any case these guys need to warm up to the fact that corporate devices and home devices are not chosen in a vacuum and should reward customers who do as such and not give them the cold shoulder.

By not giving a crap and by trying to raise my FIOS, I will be shuffling off in a few months when my price lock-in expires unless they find a way to match my pricing today because TWC will.

I will say that Verizon is superior in the NorthEast for cell, and to me there is no other choice when someone else is paying. If I had to pay I would just go to PPC for half the price and get the same great coverage (no LTE yet).

Cortland, NY

Re: What I find interesting

200 bucks a month company paid cell is too much. Vendors like company paid because the bills are rubber stamped. BYOD is becoming more popular.

East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS

Re: What I find interesting

I agree, but I roam into Canada so the bill triples otherwise it's $1000/GB One of my naive colleagues went to Toronto last month and fired up his mifi for a 2 day trip and came back with a $1200 bill.

Now if you want to talk about gouging, go to Canada for cell.