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Verizon, Cablevision Killing Promos, Competing Less Seriously
by Karl Bode 10:38AM Friday Jan 03 2014
For a while Verizon and Cablevision competed intensely for users in the New York City area, offering a steady stream of bundle promotions in order to lure users to one side of the fence or the other. The last few years however both companies have rather quietly and unofficially agreed to stop competing quite so seriously, with Verizon raising prices on FiOS services whenever possible, and Cablevision management openly stating they now find promotional offers (and the savvy users who use them) to be a "dead end."

It's not only promotions and offers for new users that are getting the axe, as users in our FiOS forum point out that Verizon is also moving away from loyalty discounts when user contracts expire:
I have had a $20. per month discount on my FIOS Ultimate bundle for at least the last 2 years, each year I would just call when it was up and they would put me back for another year. Well I was up this month, just called and was told "they are getting away from that discount". I spent 10 mins on the phone with the rep, told him I woulds switch back to Cablevision in June when my contract is up but he would not budge, he said he couldnt and that even in June if I cancel they no longer will price match.
Granted for most ISPs the focus is on luring new users, and rewards or retention offers for existing users have been hard to come by. Are you finding it's still easy to get your ISP to offer you discounts when you threaten to leave?

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