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Verizon Confirms 30 Day Test Drive No More
And discounts for 'new every two' program get smaller...
by Karl Bode 02:26PM Friday Feb 06 2009
Last week a report emerged suggesting that starting February 15, Verizon would be discontinuing their 30 Day Test Drive promotion, created after annoyed consumers, Attorneys General and a few class action suits took aim at early termination fees (ETFs). Leaked documents also suggested that the company is also reducing the discounts for "new every two" customers from $100 to $50 if you've got a plan greater than $80, and from $50 to $30 if you're on a plan that's less than $80. Verizon spokesman Tom Pica has since confirmed the changes.

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"After two years in the marketplace, Test Drive has run its course," says Pica. He notes that while they will be getting rid of their 30 day test drive, their 30-day satisfaction guarantee will remain in place. In other words, customers who aren't completely happy can still return their device and cancel service within 30 days of activation and pay no early termination fee (ETF). Users will, however, now be responsible for any charges incurred during those thirty days.

Pica also confirmed that the discounts users have received via their New Every Two program are also being reduced. "The prices and variety of phones and other wireless devices have evolved and changed considerably over the past few years," says Pica. "We have updated our New Every Two policy to reflect this evolution in device pricing," he says. "Customers will continue to derive value from our New Every Two program," insists Pica. Just not quite as much value, apparently.

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