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Verizon Confirms FiOS Speed Increases (300 Mbps!)
Significant Speed Bump in June When Pricing is Announced
by Karl Bode 02:09PM Wednesday May 30 2012
Verizon has confirmed our exclusive insider information from earlier this month, officially announcing some major speed upgrades for the company's FiOS fiber to the home service. According to Verizon, they're significantly ramping up the speeds of several FiOS tiers as well as introducing a new 300 Mbps FiOS tier. All of these changes are slated to begin in June. The graphic below highlights the upcoming changes (click to enlarge):
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As our insider had correctly stated, Verizon's symmetrical 25 Mbps tier will soon be changed to 50 Mbps downstream and 25 Mbps upstream. The company's current symmetrical 35 Mbps tier will soon see a dramatic bump to 75 Mbps downstream and 35 Mbps upstream. Verizon's also introducing a whopping 300 Mbps downstream, 65 Mbps upstream tier for users in GPON-enabled markets. There's no pricing being announced yet, but Verizon says they'll do so in June when the tiers go live.

"For competitive reasons involving our cable-company competitors, we're holding off announcing the detailed pricing for the new bundle and stand-alone offers until we start offering the new speeds later in June," Verizon's Bill Kula tells Broadband Reports.

That 300/65 Mbps tier clearly puts Verizon in the driver's seat when it comes to bragging rights for top available speeds. Verizon at one point called 100 Mbps service a marketing gimmick before unveiling their previous-fastest 150 Mbps tier. As cable operators close in on FiOS speeds with DOCSIS 3.0 upgrades, Verizon clearly felt it was time to take things to the next level. Judging from Verizon comments, you can expect the company to take prices to the next level as well.

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Tavistock NJ

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reply to AMDUSER

Re: This could get intresting....

said by AMDUSER:

I would imagine it would be harder for the cable companies to compete with this due to the noticeably increased download..

Sorry, but most Fios users are on the 15/5 tier and aren't getting an upgrade and most cable users are on a tier providing 16/4 or thereabouts. The competition is still there and will be for a very long time. Most users(non-business or non-frat house) don't need or want to pay extra for speeds they don't need.