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Verizon, Cox Co-Market Services in Oklahoma
Cable Industry Quadruple Play Offers Expand
by Karl Bode 08:40AM Wednesday May 16 2012
Not too concerned with the growing consumer advocate opposition to these deals or the fact that they haven't been approved by regulators yet, Verizon and the cable industry continue to expand their co-marketing relationship. Comcast and Verizon now co-market their products in a half a dozen markets, and in early April Time Warner Cable started bundling Verizon services in Kansas City, Raleigh, Cincinnati, and Columbus. Now Cox is getting into the action, joining forces with Verizon in Oklahoma to joint-market and bundle their services in competition against AT&T U-Verse. As it stands, these bundles simply involve unified billing and a gift card, but the companies say it will expand to involve unified video and other services across both landline and wireless networks.