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Verizon DVR Would Study Your Behavior For Targeted Ads
Tech Would Even Know if Fido Was in the Room
by Karl Bode 09:24AM Monday Dec 03 2012 Tipped by telcodad See Profile
Verizon is the latest to file for a patent that would allow the company to use set top cameras and microphones to monitor your living room, all so they can send you more targeted advertisements. We've already seen similar patents from Microsoft and Comcast, with the idea raising eyebrows due to intrusiveness and potential privacy violations.

Verizon's new patent for set top box technology (full patent application here) appears to take things even further, using cameras and microphones to send ads based on whether viewers are cuddling, or even if there's a pet in the room:
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If the detection system determines that a couple is arguing, a service provider would be able to send an ad for marriage counseling to a TV or mobile device in the room. If the couple utters words that indicate they are cuddling, they would receive ads for "a romantic getaway vacation, a commercial for a contraceptive, a commercial for flowers," or commercials for romantic movies, Verizon states in the patent application.
So far these ideas have been patented, but have never made it to production due to privacy outrage. However, as our right to privacy diminishes further and further, don't be surprised to find your DVR and television watching you sometime in the next decade.

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I have two words...NO WAY! I value my privacy.

What fun a couple of 300 pounders going at it on the couch while watching a skin flick.......LOL. Condom ads????

Or an ad for a new couch.
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Knowing the way these parasites think they will use the camera as the receiver for the remote control so no snoope, remote no workie. Then when the subscriber escalates blocking snooping by placing an opaque material like magic tape over the camera opening the CATV operator will modify the remote receiver to require clear view of remote to operate. Will the CATV operator compensate the subscriber for selling unintended porn created by having a STB in the bedroom. After all the ISP's will sell anything about the subscribers account activity or viewing habits they can profit from whether or not the subscriber approves. The TOS will include a clause allowing the CATV operator to report any illegal activity seen or heard to the appropriate enforcement agency while holding the CATV operator harmless for such reporting.

EDIT: By The Way watch the movie Fahrenheit 451 where you will see a demonstration of a snooping system and a flat screen television.