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Verizon: Droid Tethering Will Cost $30 Extra
Was that the pricing you were looking for?
by Karl Bode 10:08AM Thursday Nov 05 2009
Verizon's confirming reports from earlier this week that those who buy the new Motorola Droid this Friday will eventually have the ability to tether the phone and use it as a netbook and laptop modem. While Verizon's still not getting specific on the launch date of the functionality ("sometime in 2010"), they are getting specific on the price. According to comments made to Network World, tethering the Droid will cost you an extra $30 -- on top of the $30 users pay for broadband already. That $60 a month will still be capped at 5GB of usage a month. As we noted yesterday, Verizon's also boosting the early termination fee for smartphones from $175 to $350 starting November 15.

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