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Verizon: Expect More FiOS Rate Hikes
Third Quarter Hikes Will Be Coming Soon
by Karl Bode 10:44AM Monday Sep 17 2012
Speaking at an investor conference last week, Verizon stated that customers can expect yet more price hikes for their popular fiber to the home FiOS services. "On the revenue side of the house, we really concentrated this year on getting our price points equivalent to where the rest of the market was," Verizon CTO Fran Shammo told attendees. "We were actually underpriced with a superior product to cable so the concerted effort was to do some price ups that will continue into to the third quarter." Verizon announced significant price hikes alongside the announcement of their faster "Quantum" services back in June. Many of the hikes have taken Verizon well out of the range of competitive: their base 15 Mbps down, 5 Mbps up plan now costs $70 standalone.

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