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Verizon Faces FiOS TV Shutdown in Patent Feud
As ActiveVideo Presses for FiOS TV Injunction
by Karl Bode 06:37PM Tuesday Aug 16 2011
A jury in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia recently awarded ActiveVideo Networks $115 million, ruling that Verizon infringed on four patents owned by the company. According to a company press release, ActiveVideo is now working hard to get an injunction against Verizon, demanding the phone company "cease and desist from further infringement of ActiveVideo's patents." That could (though it's unlikely) mean a temporary shutdown of all FiOS TV systems, though since the patents cover interactive applications as well as video-on-demand elements, Verizon could potentially shutter parts of the FiOS service. Verizon's patent problems come as the company deals with 45,000 striking FiOS and landline workers, and as the company tries to deploy their latest set top software upgrade that delivers a number of popular improvements to FiOS TV users. As for ActiveVideo, they've claimed that Verizon started this fight by going after Cablevision for using patents owned by ActiveVideo.

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New York, NY

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reply to IowaCowboy

Re: Time for patent reform


You hurt your own arguments when you cite what was a legitimate lawsuit that millions of dumbass Americans do not fully understand the details of. They just hear "Oh someone sued someone cuz their coffee was hot? Hurr durr what a dumb lawsuit!" without reading the full details of the court case.

The patent system in the United States is bullshit and I agree that it needs to be completely overhauled but you are hurting your own argument when you cite that McDonald's hot coffee case as an example of a "frivolous lawsuit." It wasn't.