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Verizon FiOS, DSL Netflix Streaming Performance Gets Even Worse
by Karl Bode 06:25PM Monday Jul 14 2014 Tipped by norm See Profile
norm See Profile writes in to note that Netflix has offered their latest streaming performance rankings for broadband ISPs. Cablevision, Cox and Suddenlink continue to take the top three spots among the largest ISPs (head here and click on "expand results" to see smaller ISPs like Google Fiber included in the rankings). Meanwhile, despite the interconnection agreement struck back in April, Verizon FiOS performance is worse than ever, dropping another two spots to twelfth place. Verizon DSL services continue to offer the worst Netflix streaming performance of all major ISPs.

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"Among the major ISPs, Cablevision, Cox and Suddenlink continue to lead the index and show steady improvements over the last three months," notes Netflix.

"Meanwhile Verizon FiOS continued its decline, dropping another two spots to No. 12. Both Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-Verse rank behind DSL offerings from Frontier, Windstream and Centurylink," the company points out.

While Netflix and transit operators like Level 3 insist that Verizon, AT&T and Comcast intentionally let peering points saturate to force Netflix to pay interconnection fees, the incumbent ISPs continue to insist that it's Netflix's fault for selecting poor transit partners (even though the especially horrible performance is particularly unique to FiOS and U-Verse).

Netflix's ISP streaming rankings are based on data collected from Netflix's 48 million members worldwide who view over 1 billion hours of TV shows and movies streaming from Netflix each month. Partnering with Netflix's free Open Connect content delivery network can improve ISP performance in the rankings.

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Here come the drums

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reply to ITGeeks

Re: Clear(wire)

You are either praising AT&T or Verizon or you are bashing companies that are having issues with them. You sound like a bought and paid shill, sir.

Forest Hills, NY
·Time Warner Cable

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verizon has no shame

can you imagine being an all fiber network humiliated monthly with numbers from adsl2+ providers?
that would be like running an office network where your ethernet was slower than your wifi


Centereach, NY

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reply to dianac

Re: We are close to cancelling Netflix

While you're at it, downgrade your Verizon internet package to a speed they can provide.