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Verizon Has Been Quietly Increasing FiOS Fees
by Karl Bode 05:20PM Thursday Jan 30 2014
Already having jacked up their base FiOS prices for several years while simultaneously cutting back on the number of promotions offered users, Verizon's now deploying a wide variety of new fees to glean yet more money from FiOS customers. Discussions among our resident FiOS customers indicate that Verizon has started hitting customers with a $5 router rental fee, in addition to a new $50 activation surcharge for new users.

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Usually you can just buy your own router, though users complain that a number of Verizon services are very difficult to get working without the Actiontec still in place. We've got a whole FAQ series explaining this to users looking to try.

Because of this and Verizon's belated 802.11n support on these units, many FiOS users have chained an additional router while having to keep the gateway in place.

This is the same Actiontec router Verizon used to hand out for free, but a few months back started raising the price on should users be interested in buying it from Verizon, clearly in anticipation of these new rental fees.

In addition to price hikes, promotion cuts, the new gateway rental fee and the activation fee, Verizon also recently started charging users for the backup batteries in their ONT units, first charging users for backup battery replacement, then charging users to get any backup battery in the unit to begin with.

After FiOS champion and former Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg retired several years back, a new breed of Verizon executives made it clear they'd be ceasing new FiOS builds in order to focus on maximizing the potential revenue from existing deployments. That they were able to make this choice without repercussion speaks both to the quality of the FiOS service, and to the lack of competition in many markets.

Though our users are starting to wonder just how far Verizon thinks they can push it.

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New York to California will be about 100ms round trip, New York to Europe will be slightly over that. its Physics you can't change that
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