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Verizon Hints At FiOS Announcement Tomorrow
'Groundbreaking' service to be unveiled...
by Karl Bode 06:33PM Monday Oct 22 2007
Verizon just dropped a media advisory into our inbox, stating that the company would be unveiling a "groundbreaking" new FiOS Internet service tomorrow afternoon. "Verizon will conduct a Webcast tomorrow (Oct. 23) to announce a groundbreaking new FiOS Internet service that will be uniquely available to consumers over the company’s advanced all-fiber-optic network," says the alert. "The service is a first for U.S. consumers on a mass scale."

Our best guess is that the company could be officially announcing their new symmetrical 20Mbps tier, which we first unveiled to you last week. However, given residential symmetrical fiber isn't exactly groundbreaking, it could easily be any number of interactive services. We know many of our users would love the announcement to be better billing systems.

Update: We were right, it's a 20Mbps symmetrical tier.

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