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Verizon Keeps Swinging At AT&T
Despite recent lawsuit over 3G ads
by Karl Bode 02:13PM Monday Nov 09 2009
With last Friday's Motorola Droid launch and a new series of ads that take aim at AT&T's incomplete and sometimes sub-par wireless broadband coverage, Verizon's upped the ante in their fight against AT&T. Why? Verizon clearly wants to do a better job at sopping up wireless subscribers during the traditionally very busy fourth quarter.

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AT&T's not particularly happy, informing us last week they'd be suing to stop several Verizon ads highlighting limited 3G coverage. AT&T has argued that Verizon's ads intentionally mislead customers that there's no service outside of AT&T's 3G coverage zones -- despite the fact the maps very clearly state they're for 3G coverage only.

Verizon's continuing the assault unabated; Gizmodo directs our attention to a series of new advertisements (1, 2, 3) that keep punching AT&T where it hurts. You'll notice from the screengrab to the right that Verizon has at least modified their fine print to indicate AT&T customers can getting slower EDGE Service outside of the 3G footprint.

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