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Verizon Launches $30 Unlimited Smartphone Plan
Another step on the road to flat rate calling fees
by KathrynV 06:15PM Monday Apr 14 2008 Tipped by FFH See Profile
The hottest new thing in the wireless world is unlimited voice and data plans from major carriers. In order to maintain its place in this competitive world, Verizon has announced that the company is offering a new $30 monthly plan specifically for certain smartphones. Of course, “unlimited” doesn’t always mean without limits when it comes to Verizon. The plan allows you unlimited access to email and websites from up to ten personal accounts (such as your Yahoo! account); so it’s not unlimited browsing but it does give you a low monthly price for unlimited access to the accounts that you check most frequently. This new plan is an additional option added to the unlimited plans Verizon began offering in February.

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