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Verizon Leaves West Virginia, Complaints Drop 70%
by Bill Neilson 01:48PM Thursday Feb 20 2014
Just days ago, Frontier Communications proudly let everyone know that they had expanded broadband access to roughly 176,000 households in West Virginia and seen consumer complaints of their service drop by nearly 70 percent. That's slightly-less impressive once you realize that Verizon was doing little to nothing to support those users, so you'd expect a significant reduction in complaints even if the acquiring company was doing the absolute bare minimum.

According to a report that Frontier recently filed with the West Virginia Public Service Commission, the company said that it has expanded broadband access to over 88 percent of the state's households. Frontier also made it a point to tell the local newspapers that Frontier spent around $370 million in “fiber and Ethernet” upgrades. (By the way, did that figure include the millions that Frontier got from the Federal Government from the Connect America Fund Phrase I? Frontier did not say)

Sounds great, right? Except now we know that Frontier expanded their internet service by giving customers the least amount of service possible, even if it didn’t meet the internet speed requirements of the West Virginia PSC.

In a recent report by the Charleston Gazette, less than one of three West Virginians who took an online survey last year had an Internet speed that met the state's minimum standard for broadband service.

Frontier Communications, West Virginia's largest Internet provider, had the slowest broadband speeds, according to the online survey. Frontier also was the only Internet provider whose average speed didn't meet West Virginia's minimum broadband standard.

When told about the poor result by Frontier in the survey, Frontier executive Dana Waldo claimed that the survey was biased because it was done by customers who had slow Internet speeds and that they therefore they would be more likely to take such a survey.

Setting aside the stupidity of that excuse, Jim Martin, a Citynet executive who serves on the state Broadband Deployment Council, responded to Frontier with what I think most people, who are not employed by Frontier, realized when reading the survey results.

"These survey results were "100 percent accurate. You can't manipulate the results," Martin said.

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R.I.P. Donald Lee Wise

Friendly, WV

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Frontier is so much better.

We had verizon's dial up crap and it wasn't worth the $20/month.

It toke 2-3 weeks to get a 700mb update downloaded. With this frontier and their bonded, i'm able to download 30GB in 12 hours. Ping has been looking real good.

Martinsburg, WV

Re: Frontier is so much better.

30GB in 12 hours is real good? Please tell me your joking. That would take about a hour to download here in my area with Comcast.



Re: Frontier is so much better.

Give him a break, he did move from dial-up after all.
I'm with Verizon DSL and for the time being, it would take me nearly 20 hours to download 30GB.

united state

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Maybe the complaints dropped because of the poisoned water?

Maybe the complaints dropped because of the poisoned water? Tough to complain about broadband when you dont even have water to drink.

Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS

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rusty copper? try toxic water

So Verizon sold all of WV to Frontier? Hah.. they will probably let that copper wither on the vine as they do in every other state... and leave it to the federal government to pick up the pieces. BTW, how much MORE debt did Verizon leave Frontier with THIS TIME?

Never mind, WV is going to see a population decline related to the long term affects of the chemical spill used in coal production. Appalachia is fast becoming poison alley so who's going to care about telecom there.. I can't wait to see the coal industry TV commercials similar to the BP commercials... talk about the new normal.. We're sorry for spilling toxic chemicals in your drinking water.. but we've cleaned everything up, trust us..

Telecom's going to be the least concern on people's minds, so expect complaints to go down..getting out of WV might be a higher priority.


united state

That's all they do.

Frontier does just that, the bare minimum. When I enquired at the local office about the poor speeds available in a development of 500 homes, I got a "let me check into that" from the manager via email, and never heard back again.

They offer 1.5Mb for $19.99... of course with a $40/month land line. I have 50Mb for $64.99 from Time Warner and they are soon rolling out 100Mb to the market. With the density in my area, I don't understand why they don't have something upgraded to at least compete with cable. Ridiculous.


no investors

When a city like Boston can't get upgraded by the telcos...what chance does a place like WV really have.

Infrastructure is a four letter word in america now.


Verizon Leaves West Virginia, Complaints Drop 70%

Brilliant headline. Late night wine nearly made it into the nasal passages.
Thanks for the laugh.


I will never have

I will never have Frontier or Verizon as a company that serves ANYTHING to me again!

I'd add AT&T to that list also, but, luckily for me, they're not even in my area anyway and if they were, I'd still never use them!

AT&T and Verizon need to be blown off the face of the earth, IMO. I'd almost rather live in North Korea, which also needs to be blown of the face of the earth, then to have to use those companies!
The Firefox alternative.

Allendale, NJ
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·Optimum Online

Re: I will never have

said by cork1958:

I will never have Frontier or Verizon as a company that serves ANYTHING to me again!

None of them are good.

Woof Woof
Portland, OR

This is all very hard to believe...

Maybe complaints dropped 70% because there was no way to lodge complaints.

Maybe this article meant that complaints to Verizon dropped 70%.

Based on the user experience in Oregon, I find this all very hard to believe.


Creston, WV

No complaints here.

Coming from a hughesnet user. I have no problems with my 12mbps connection. Longest down time was second week after they install it for only 8 hours (2am to 11am) been a solid connection ever since. Verizon never cared..

Martinsburg, WV

Re: No complaints here.

Anything is better than HughesNet. It takes about 10-15 days to get a tech to come out over here. You think Frontier cares? Once you get a actual outage and have to have a tech out you'll find out who cares.

Caveat Emptor
United State
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Telephones and carriers

All telecommunication companies that are licensed as a provider of telephone service is mandated (as part of a larger group) to maintain communications from border to border. So it really doesn't matter if it is Fire Island or the little hospital on the top of a mountain in Arkansas. The service user should be able to pick up a phone to dial 0 and local numbers. Be aware 911 and Long Distance may not be available.
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