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Verizon May Block, Delay New Windows Phones
Because Microsoft Balked at Verizon Control
by Karl Bode 04:38PM Friday Oct 19 2012 Tipped by bdon78 See Profile
On the heels of this morning's news that Verizon's major new snoopvertising efforts are starting to raise the hackles of privacy advocates, bdon78 See Profile writes in to note that Microsoft appears to be balking at offering Verizon full access to their smartphones. According to a report over at Daily Mobile, Windows Phone 8 could be delayed or potentially cancelled due to a debate over device access. The report is rather vague, simply stating Microsoft is balking at remote Verizon access for "provisioning and such":
I received a tip from an insider source that tells me Windows Phone 8 could be delayed or could even be canceled. According to the source this is due to the fact that Windows Phone 8 software will not allow Verizon proper device management. Verizon phones are required to to be able to be accessed remotely for provisioning purposes and such. Apparently WP8 phones do not meet that requirement so Verizon can not use any WP8 phones in it's current state.

This matter is so serious that if this remote access is not granted the devices can enter a state, albeit rare, that they stop responding to certain systems on the Verizon network. Also according to my source that Microsoft and Verizon are in discussions about getting waivers so this issue can be fixed. However from what I am told Microsoft seems unwilling to give any waivers on this issue.
The rumor comes as Microsoft and Verizon stand on opposite sides over Microsoft's decision to opt users out of online snooping in their new version of Internet Explorer. Verizon joined AT&T is lambasting Microsoft's decision to empower consumers, insisting it could "drastically damage the online experience." From the wording of the report it's unclear whether this is really about Verizon's new Precision Market Insights snoopvertising, so we've asked Verizon for comment and will update this blog post with any response.

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