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Verizon Offering $60 Voice, Text, 2GB Data Plan to Loyal Users
by Karl Bode 09:05AM Monday Feb 10 2014
As we noted last week, Verizon Wireless has worked very hard to avoid publicly competing with T-Mobile's recent price moves, the company sticking to a long-standing claim that their network is just so good -- they don't have to compete on price. Except that Fierce Wireless notes that Verizon has started quietly giving some existing customers a loyalty offer of $60 for unlimited voice, text and 2 GB of data (tethering is not allowed). "We've had programs like this in place for a while--terms may change, but we always try to work with our long-time, loyal customers," Verizon claims, though the company refuses to state when exactly these loyalty offers were launched.

Update: It looks like Howard Forums has a long thread discussing this offer here.

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reply to gigahurtz

Re: T-Mobile has unveiled what we all knew..

said by gigahurtz:

The major carriers have been screwing us over for many years now.

You mean how you've voluntarily paid for service for years? Nobody is screwing you, but you.

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The major carriers have been screwing us over for many years now. AT&T and Verizon are definitely concerned with T-Mobiles new strategy. In the past, they wouldn't blink an eye if T-Mobile made some changes but clearly the changes they've made are affecting the big two and I'm glad they are.