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Verizon Only Carrier to Lock Galaxy S III Boot Loader
Dedicated to Openness. Except When They're Not
by Karl Bode 11:48AM Monday Jul 09 2012
Despite more than a few breathless claims about how they'e a carrier that simply loves open devices and platforms, Verizon is the only carrier to have locked the new Samsung Galaxy S III boot loader, according to new users who've received the device. The move restricts a consumer's freedom to tinker with a device they've paid for -- including the freedom to truly rid the device of any bloatware Verizon may have placed on it. Fortunately Verizon's effort may prove futile as users over at RootzWiki claim they've already rooted the device using a five-step approach -- the first step in getting the device unlocked. While Verizon may think that locking the boot loader helps them retain control in a wireless ecosystem where the carrier should be a dumb pipe, about the only thing Verizon's move will ultimately accomplish is to inform everyone just how terrified they still are of truly open platforms.

Update: Verizon's Support Twitter account tried to blame Samsung for the locked bootloader (unlikely given Verizon's the only one doing this), though the Tweet appears to have since been deleted from the Twitter feed.

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