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Verizon Prepares to Launch FiOS Media Server
Sometime in the Next Few Months
by Karl Bode 10:47AM Wednesday Sep 26 2012
Users in our FiOS forum point out that Verizon appears to be getting close to the launch of their new FioS TV Media server and gateway. Originally highlighted in a company video late last year, the new device is effectively a super DVR for your entire household, containing six tuners and a terabyte of storage, with the presumed ability to stream content to mobile devices throughout the home. The device would would also communicate with smaller set tops Verizon says are small enough to hide behind a television. According to a report by Todd Spangler over at Multichannel News, the device is expected to launch sometime in the next few months, though there's still no word on pricing for the new device.

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Wireless boxes

Streaming recorded content to wireless devices such as Ipads would be a cool thing, but Verizon better be very careful with sending out live TV wirelessly throughout a home.

In populated areas, neighbors, friends, and family will cancel TV accounts and start to share the bill. Pretty easy to lend out cable boxes for use within a couple hundred feet.

On the next level..


It looks like a 2U server.

And only a terabyte of space? That's pretty lame, Seagate launched a 4TB drive last year, so why not put in a 2 year old 2TB model?

East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS

The only difference

Is power consumption. I turned in my FIOS bloodsuckers for W7MC which takes up way less power and I can change providers by swapping a cablecard. They of course can add their streaming stuff in there or partner w/ the likes of netflix, etc and get apps.

The cost should come way down--less than $50/box.

These boxes on Roku/ATV scale should be no more than 3-4 watts, and should be no more than $3-$4/month each. The killer is going to be what they charge for the master Tivo. If it's more than $20/month then it's a step backward.

If they hide them behind a TV, that means remote extender, I assume.

This will also mean the persons home needs to be wired for at least 100 and probably gig, and that means MoCA or ethernet.

Also sadly missing from and cableco DVR solution that I have had is media integration (roku/ATV) WITHIN the house. If that still isn't there or has some wonky MSFT interface, then just another mediocre step. If one of these bozos could actually get that right they could easily thwart Apple and Google, who are coming. Oh and Tivo in 5 years at their slothy development pace.

C'mon the U
Wilmington, DE
·Verizon FiOS

Release Date Really Not Stated

Actually, there's nothing stated there at all which proves this is close to release. Completely reading into the wording:

This is what the story says:
Verizon hasnt announced specific launch dates or pricing for the gateway. It previously was targeting late 2012 to launch the device.

After being a FIOS customer for 3-4 years, I wouldn't get any hopes up just yet.
"ONE team - ONE city - ONE dream!!"

Allentown, PA

Re: Release Date Really Not Stated

This FCC filing mentions a rollout "in coming months".

»apps.fcc.gov/ecfs/comment/view;j ··· 17111497

"In coming months, Verizon will begin the rollout of the VMS, a new, in-home device that ultimately will enable third-party devices to discover, access, and control the suite of FiOS media services."

Scotch Plains, NJ

Just like Dish Hopper

Verizon will probably find a way to screw up the implementation.

Canonsburg, PA

How many people really care?

With FiOS not really being expanded anymore and the price being jacked up in existing FiOS neighborhoods, how many people really care? Google is the big fiber news now.


Glen Mills, PA

Re: How many people really care?

huh? What does Google Fiber have to do with anything? They aren't up and running, they are currently struggling to get agreements for content and they only exist in Kansas and Missouri at present...
I imagine a lot of consumers that have FiOS service might care.