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Verizon Pumping Out Central Offices
Trying to Repair Things as Quickly as Power Allows
by Karl Bode 12:31PM Wednesday Oct 31 2012
While most wireless networks are struggling under load or due to offline towers, Verizon informs us that the company is also in the process of repairing the damage that was incurred to landline broadband facilities as well. Like most ISPs, Verizon is of course at the mercy of power companies who are warning many regions that the power outages could last well into next week. The company tells us their NYC headquarters at 140 West St. took on significant water the night of the storm, offering us the picture to the right.

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The building housed some administrative offices, in addition to a central office that serves hundreds of thousands of voice and data circuits in Lower Manhattan.

"We still have some central offices in New York City that are flooded," Verizon's Bill Kula tells Broadband Reports.

"We'll continue to work safely and quickly to pump out the storm water; re-route traffic from non working central office to others; get backup generator power operating in our impacted central offices; and hope that the local power company can restore commercial power as quickly as possible."

Verizon has set up this website designed to help impacted customers.

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