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Verizon Quickly Reverts to Pretending There's a Spectrum Crisis
After Clearly Stating There Wasn't One Weeks Earlier
by Karl Bode 10:29AM Friday Feb 24 2012
Years ago then-Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg clearly stated the company would have more than enough spectrum to fully offer nationwide LTE wireless broadband. That was before the company moved to nab another 122 Advanced Wireless Services spectrum licenses from the cable industry. Studies show both AT&T and Verizon have plenty of spectrum, particularly after re-farming spectrum currently being used for 2G and 3G (EVDO) services.

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Taking that one step further, Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead stated just last week Verizon has plenty of spectrum and won't have to even worry about refarming existing spectrum anytime soon. So it's interesting to read a post at Verizon's policy blog that, after patting themselves on their back for their quick LTE deployment and efficient use of resources, goes right back to chirping about a supposed "spectrum crisis" that we really should do something about:
Rather than waste time arguing about spectrum efficiency, let’s focus on the issue on which we all agree: America’s wireless consumers face a spectrum crunch that won’t be relieved by Verizon’s spectrum purchase. It’s up to the industry, as well as policymakers, to help ensure that more spectrum reaches the marketplace soon, so America’s wireless industry remains the global leader in innovation that it is today.
So Verizon has plenty of spectrum, but there's still a spectrum crisis? If there's a crunch, it's being felt by smaller companies who can't afford to outbid industry giants AT&T and Verizon at auction. Should a company obtain spectrum, lobbyists attempt to sabotage the process and obtain that spectrum anyway. With the help of the press, AT&T and Verizon keep a "crisis" narrative afloat, allowing them to gobble up spectrum for anti-competitive reasons, justify ridiculously low caps and extremely high per byte overages, and scare lawmakers into passing protectionist regulations.

If there's a crisis, it's an anti-competitive one.

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Holy Cable Modem Batman

Washington, DC

1 recommendation

Prove it.

Not buying this at all...

In other news, the sky is falling.


Clinton Township, MI

Re: Prove it.

Yep, all around VZ customers.

O Rly?
Murrieta, CA
Nationwide 4G outage. SOS: Sincerely outta Spectrum...
.:|:. aztec being aztec...™


For VZ customers, it is.
NYC Girl
Bronx, NY

Re: Prove it.

said by jeepguy :

For VZ customers, it is.

Not me. I have regular 3G and I will for a WHILE!!! Lmao!!

Tavistock NJ

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said by IPPlanMan:

Not buying this at all...

In other news, the sky is falling.

The blog entry by Verizon is a piece that is designed to lobby the FCC(and also get public support) against demands by T-Mobile to stop Verizon's deal with the cable companies. It is nothing more than that. To read in to it that Verizon really believes there is a spectrum crunch is naive.

And since the FCC is constantly selling the spectrum crunch story as a way to grab OTA spectrum, it is a good tactic by Verizon to use "spectrum crunch" as a lobbying point.

The writer of the blog entry is a PR flack for Verizon Wireless:
Charla Rath is vice president – Wireless Policy Development. She is responsible for developing and managing Verizon’s public policy initiatives on a wide range of wireless issues, including spectrum management and policy, spectrum auctions, secondary markets, 4G/LTE deployment and new business ventures.

Snohomish, WA

Re: Prove it.

The shortage IS coming,
it's just not here yet.
But verizon and others see that repurposing usable blocks of nationwide spectrum takes years to complete.
Look how long it was from the first suggestion, until broadcast tv went digital and the spectrum was auctioned to carriers.
so they need to push people to panic mode in the hope of having new spectrum available in 5,10,15 years.

Rockville, MD
·Verizon FiOS
said by FFH5:

.... To read in to it that Verizon really believes there is a spectrum crunch is naive...

I doubt many on these forums think Verizon believes their own propaganda, it's more amazement and disgust at what lying, hypocritical bastards they are.
Expand your moderator at work

Lakewood, CA
·Verizon FiOS

what crisis?

In europe cell phones work everywhere and better. I have been there many times and noted this. So where is their spectrum crisis? I really dont trust anything large anti competitive cos say anymore. It is quite clear that the only way you can "make it" in the USA now is to be super huge, kill competition via "mergers", eliminate "labor costs" and lobby like crazy as lobbying is VERY effective. Thats why cos like att spend so much on it. Its great return on investment. much better than just making customers happy.
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San Jose, CA

Re: what crisis?

Even Canadians have better coverage, especially hspa+ But they pay for cell phone services an products a lot more than we Americans do though.

united state

Use it of loose it!

Sadly there is a coming shortage of spectrum but it is purely the result of the FCC and the government not mandating a use it or loose it clause for all spectrum. The fact is there is tons of spectrum that sits unused but since it is owned by the same people who pay off the FCC and government crooks in charge it will remain unused and wasted for decades to come.