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Verizon Raises FiOS Set Top, DVR Rates
DVR Rental Now $17 a Month For NY, NJ
by Karl Bode 03:58PM Friday Mar 23 2012
Verizon had stated that FiOS customers would likely see service rate hikes this year, and the first of those promised increases are now arriving for many customers. Users in our FiOS forum say they're receiving notices in the mail informing them of fee increases for both set top receivers and DVRs, among other things. The notice says that as of April 23 the monthly fee to rent a DVR is jumping from $16 to $17 a month, while the price tag to rent both standard and HD receivers is jumping from $6 a month to $7 a month. Our users note these notices are only being sent to users in New York & New Jersey (so far). "We hope you understand that to continue to bring this level of programming and technology to you, from time to time we need to modify our rates," says Verizon.

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