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Verizon Site Glitch Let Users Upgrade Phone, Keep Unlimited Data
by Karl Bode 08:54AM Monday Sep 30 2013 Tipped by spike010101 See Profile
Updated: This glitch has already been fixed by Verizon. User spike010101 See Profile writes in: "Verizon's website is currently allowing customers to select their unlimited plan when going through a device upgrade. I myself have taken it all the way to the checkout area where you enter your credit card details and submit the order, and have a friend who has completely gone through with an order."

The news is curious in that Verizon has been waging war on grandfathered unlimited users for several years now, using every tactic possible (most specifically device upgrades) to try and push those users on to metered plans. There's some additional discussion about this over at Howard Forums and at Droid Life.
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