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Verizon Sued For GPL Violation
ILEC didn't provide Busybox source code...
by Karl Bode 12:07PM Friday Dec 07 2007
The Software Freedom Law Center says they are suing Verizon for breaching the terms of the GNU General Public License. At issue is a network utility called Busybox, which is distributed with the ActionTec MI424WR router Verizon gives FiOS customers. From the group's statement:
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This router contains BusyBox, and under the terms of the GPL, Verizon is obligated to provide the source code of BusyBox to recipients of the device. According to the lawsuit, Verizon continues to distribute BusyBox illegally without source code, despite having been contacted by SFLC. The complaint requests that an injunction be issued against Verizon and that damages and litigation costs be awarded to the plaintiffs.
"Our clients licensed BusyBox under the GPL to ensure that all users of the program can access and modify its source code," says Dan Ravicher, Legal Director of SFLC. "Because Verizon chose not to respond to our concerns, we had no choice but to file a lawsuit to ensure that they comply with the GPL."

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