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Verizon Taunts Comcast For Consumerist 'Worst Company' Award
'One of the few times you'll hear us congratulate Comcast,' says telco
by Karl Bode 08:21AM Tuesday Apr 27 2010 Tipped by Jon See Profile
Comcast this week took the dubious honor of winning the Consumerist's "Worst Company in America" Award, which is something voted on by Consumerist readers annually. Comcast beat out other companies such as Ticketmaster and Bank Of America -- continuing what's been a proud cable industry history of coming in last when it comes to consumer popularity surveys.

Worse perhaps is that Comcast had to take barbs from the likes of Verizon, who took to Twitter to taunt Comcast -- saying: "One of the few times you'll hear us congratulate Comcast." Comcast offered the following statement in response to the "win":
We’re working everyday to improve our customers’ experiences with us, including offering a Customer Guarantee that’s backed by significant operational changes. We’ve taken steps over the past two years to improve our product reliability and service, and if a problem does occur, we work to quickly to resolve it, find the root cause and make changes so it won’t happen again."
Of course Comcast's biggest problem was that it grew so quickly, and as a result struggled to deliver quality support. Comcast has been making strides in this area, though seems continually plagued by problems caused by lower quality subcontracted installers -- the kind of installers who are the cornerstone of most Consumerist stories.

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My views are my own.

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reply to newview

Re: Well deserved

..and since I've deal with them for 15, with no problem, I'm assuming that I have another 20 years before I should celebrating their "Consumerist" award? I've had no issues with the company.

At least Comcast never had a CEO that drove it's company (USWest/Qwest) into the ground leaving their customers with out any sort of real advancement or innovation.

Personally, this speaks loudly to the Consumerist as an entity. I'm not saying that Comcast doesn't have it's problems, so does Verizon. BUT, personally, I think the consumerist just drove themselves close to the status of "radical" in my, or any reasonable thinking person. There are FAR worse companies out there.. and, I'm to give any credit to a website and it's authors, who pull and do nasty stunts such as publishing company only phone numbers and other private information?

There are certain lines, no matter how much good they may THINK they're doing for the public... I just hope at some point the people who run the consumerist have their personal phone numbers or home addresses published somewhere - hey, there are two sides to every story.. somehow they think what they're doing there is right. The other side of the story may think they're piles are dirty.

While I may not agree with Karl, here, very often, if there is one thing I can say about him is that he's not a radical like they are. AT LEAST Karl puts educated thought behind his posts.. personally, I think the consumerist is, um, how do I say this, a lot like many people think Fox News is here.. they'll report anything just to report it even with out many facts to back it up. Again, I may not agree with Karl here all the time, but at least the guy pulls from something that's real..

So yea.. the consumerists award? .. excuse me while I print it out on paper and go.. um.. draw your own conclusion.

My views are my own.

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reply to Steve B

Re: Lol

said by Steve B:

All the ballyhoo for Xfinity turned out to be for nothing...lmao
Why is that? ... because Verizon's Fios product says so?

... and you're life and feelings are not only determined by Verizon, a company that has itself a HORRIBLE history of being incredibly customer un-friendly, but that same company's product that only covers a small portion of it's entire foot print?

Before people jump on me because "Oh my god, Fiber guy is defending cable again".. this has nothing to do with cable, comcast or anything related.. however, it has to do with the fact that once again, a company is out there slamming another company in the public and not taking care of their own home.

Verizon has plenty to be ashamed of just as does EVERY OTHER company out there as none of them are perfect. And, with that said, Verizon is somehow thinking becuase of a little bit of fiber in their diet, the rest of their reputation is somehow better.

How about putting people into contracts that they'd very much rather not have. Why have contracts at all if your product is so fantabulous? A company that regularly has billing problems? A company that won't fix their paying copper customer's phone service when they've gone out for months? A company that puts an excessive ETF on their customers? Shall I go on?

.. and with that, Verizon is congratulating another company becuase some "website" who's action themselves as questionable is digging into comcast?

Verizon, it's a proud day for you.

Does this mean that I don't believe that Fios is a good product? Sure it is.. but their product is only as good as the companies reputation. Does this mean that I don't believe comcast needs to improve? Sure, they do. My main point(s) here is that these companies need to focus on their own house; not others. And, that someone would say "Xfinity turned out to be for nothing" becuase Verizon and "The Consumerist" made a few childish pokes. Like I said, it's a proud, MATURE, and well thought out day in America.


Sterling, VA

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You know ...

I bust on Comcast a lot for many things they've done, but I don't think it's fair to call them the Worst Company in America. They aren't an imploding bank or mortgage company, they aren't (to my knowledge) outsource all of their employees overseas, and they're not dumping nuclear waste in the Delaware Bay. They serve an industry where there really is no pleasing anybody. Yes they have problems and yes I rail on them when they come up. But you know, it could be far worse.

And in terms of pot calling kettle black, hello Verizon? You have no place to talk as most of the criticisms Comcast would face, you have too. Expensive, questionable service at times. Have you ever talked to VZ's billing department? It's the phone equivalent of Labyrinth designed by MC Escher. I moved from one side of an apartment complex to another, they couldn't move my DSL as they said Fios was available and then it turned out it wasn't installable. That's how I ended up on Comcast again.

Worry about getting your own house in order before gloating over your perceived superiority to competitor.