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Verizon Tells Some Sandy Victims They'll Never Get DSL Back
As Company Continues Push Toward Killing Off Copper
by Karl Bode 02:33PM Friday Mar 22 2013
Verizon is telling some New York City residents that they will never have their DSL lines replaced, and is telling those users they only have the option of wireless service going forward. Stop The Cap notes that Fire Island, New York residents who lost service during Sandy haven't had broadband service since last October. After numerous complaints to a napping NYPSC, locals are now being told that their only option for voice and data is Verizon's Voice Link service (which allows you to use a normal phone over the wireless network) or LTE:
If a customer also had broadband service with Verizon, they will not be getting it back. Instead, an agent will attempt to sell the customer a Verizon Wireless mobile broadband package at a significantly higher cost. For example, a 10GB monthly usage plan added to an existing Verizon Wireless account will cost an extra $20 a month for the “Mi-Fi” mobile hotspot device fee and $100 a month for the data package. Verizon DSL in comparison offered unlimited access for $30-50 a month, depending on the plan selected and any promotional discounts.
We've already discussed at length how Verizon is trying to drive many of their users away from DSL by driving up DSL prices and returning to the year 2000 practice of forcing the bundling of an old POTS line. I've also noted that Sandy gave Verizon the perfect opportunity to push this strategy harder. The goal is to either force DSL users to shift to FiOS (a limited option since FiOS expansion has all but stopped), convert to LTE (and the pricey overages that entails) or just leave and go to cable, with whom Verizon just signed a cozy new co-marketing arrangement.

From Verizon's perspective it just makes business sense. Costs are lowered by giving up on troubled markets with low ROI. Ditching those markets lowers regulatory headaches and union headaches in one fell swoop (wireless isn't unionized). Wireless is also more resilient in storm-damaged areas like Fire Island. From the consumers' perspective it's a less compelling deal: higher prices, poorer service, and a stronger cable fixed line monopoly (again, higher prices).

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Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK

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reply to axus

Re: Profits!

Ok, just take their spectrum, after all it belongs to the Public trust, and allocate it to said companies who will compete with Verizon.

I'm sure they won't mind that. Oh wait, NM, Verizon & at&t already have the Government doing their bidding, so such things never will happen.
"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." -- Benito Mussolini


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reply to Simba7

O Someone needs to step in here and stop this. All verizon cares about is money, they are canceling dsl service so that people switch over to there retarded lte or high priced cable. If verizon wouldn't repair my dsl service I'd rather go with dial up then pay $200 per month. We are going backwards into the future of broadband.

I Void Warranties

Billings, MT

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Like I said, it's all about the profits, not the customer.

LTE Wireless is their reason to ditch their cheap DSL lines and really screw over their customers by charging ridiculously high fees and overages.

Welcome to how it was in the 70's and 80's with long distance.. except it's with data.