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Verizon To Discontinue Newsgroups September 30
Had already streamlined offerings last year...
by Karl Bode 04:34PM Monday Aug 31 2009 Tipped by DaBears57 See Profile
A notice to customers by Verizon informs them that the telco will be discontinuing newsgroup service as of September 30. "Newsgroups were initially developed as a text-based way to share information on the Internet," Verizon informs customers in the alert. "Today, demand for newsgroups is much lower, since most users have switched to more exciting ways of getting and sharing information via the Web, such as social networks, email and sites such as our Verizon Central Newsroom." While there's certainly no doubt that "Verizon Central Newsroom" is one of the great new content repositories of the Internet, most ISPs trim newsgroup access to save a buck. Under the guise of fighting child porn, Verizon had already seriously scaled back the number of newsgroups offered.

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reply to ajc18

Re: It's time to shut down UseNet anyway.

I always love it when people who don't use something decide it's useless and "don't care" if it is taken out.

That would be like me deciding that Fox News should be taken off the air simply because I "Don't care" about that network.

For many hobbyists newsgroups are still very, very useful, especially if they are archived.
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reply to 88615298

Re: Never used it

said by 88615298:

I've been on the intenet for 10 years now and have never used a newsgroup. Not really sure what the purpose is for one now anyways.
Yes, as you were taught WWW and its all you know.

I use Usenet, Archie, Telnet, FTP, and a bunch more. You are missing more than just the kitchen sink.

Go watch a movie:

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