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Verizon Upgrading FiOS TV Software Platform
IMG 1.9 getting high marks from our users
by Karl Bode 04:33PM Monday Dec 27 2010
Users in our Verizon FiOS TV forum have been sharing their thoughts on Verizon's latest software upgrade for FiOS TV set tops, which is slowly being deployed to test subjects and in limited markets. The latest version of the Interactive Media Guide (IMG), IMG 1.9, looks better and offers a number of functionality improvements to customer DVRs -- including eSATA support and multiroom DVR browsing -- many that were proposed by customers via the Verizon Verizon Idea Exchange. Users in our forums are largely gushing over the improvements, which is a good sign for Verizon -- who'd love to help continue the trend of customers leaving traditional cable for other alternatives -- most notably telcoTV. Comcast, who lost 275,000 basic cable subscribers last quarter, is busily playing catch up with telcoTV DVR functionality with new set top technology trials.

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