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Verizon Will Also Soon Offer Frequent Handset Upgrade Plan
Verizon 'Edge' to Launch August 25
by Karl Bode 01:28PM Tuesday Jul 16 2013
Following on the heels of T-Mobile JUMP and AT&T Next, Verizon Wireless will soon be offering consumers a frequent handset upgrade program of their own. According to some leaked details obtained by Droid Life, Verizon's program will be coming a little later than their competitors (August 25), and will be named Verizon Edge. Under Verizon Edge, users can upgrade to a new device at any time once they have paid off 50% of their current phone. Like AT&T's version of the plan there's no monthly fee, though overall the leaked slide doesn't offer many more details. It does claim the program is designed to help users "stay on the leading edge of technology," something a Droid Life commenter correctly points out is rather tough given Verizon's recent lag in offering the latest and greatest Android devices.

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