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Verizon Wireless Planning Massive Re-Branding
New slogan: "Verizon, Rule The Air!"
by Karl Bode 02:31PM Friday Jun 25 2010
Droid Life notes that Verizon Wireless is gearing up for a fairly significant re-branding effort. The company will also be changing their name (just for these summer spots) from Verizon Wireless to just Verizon -- apparently to aid the easily confused. The company's new motto will be "Verizon, Rule The Air!" according to the leak. Verizon's planning an all out ad barrage for what they're calling the "summer of droid," and according to the leak the company has no plan of picking up the iPhone anytime soon.

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An insider at Verizon familiar with Verizon's plans confirms the changes to Broadband Reports, noting that McGarryBowen, the ad agency Verizon's been using for their Droid commercials, will now be in charge of the entire company's image -- something that was hinted at back in April.

The source tells us that out of fear of a leak, attendees for the meeting this week aren't allowed to bring in pens, paper or phones (apparently that's not helping). "Test Man -- the geek with glasses -- will no longer be a part of the campaign," he confirms.

Verizon's clearly hoping that Android (and specifically the upcoming launch of the Droid X) is their ticket to combating the iPhone. A new, edgier image -- and having a network and devices that actually lets users make phone calls -- may help in that regard.

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So Verizon with their Droids wants to "rule the air" against the AT&T Deathstar?