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Verizon Won't Charge Sandy Victims for Voice/SMS Usage
Provided They're in New York and New Jersey
by Karl Bode 08:14AM Thursday Nov 08 2012
Verizon recently announced they would be issuing refunds to Sandy victims for FiOS service outages, even if their problems were solely the result of lost power (which was the case for the majority of users). Now Verizon Wireless says they're also trying to help Sandy victims by waiving text message and voice charges. According to the company's Hurricane Sandy FAQ, Verizon Wireless is not charging Sandy Victims in New York or New Jersey for domestic voice and text usage incurred between October 29th and November 16th 2012. While that doesn't much matter if you're on Verizon's new shared data plans (which feature unlimited text and data), it's a great gesture all the same. Customers don't need to ask for the credits, they'll simply be applied to their bills.

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Thorndale, PA

unlimited data?

"...Verizon's new shared data plans (which feature unlimited text and data)..."

you mean unlimited text and VOICE, right? because data is tiered on the VZW new shared plans.
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Weirton, WV

Re: unlimited data?

How is this going to help people who used their phone as INTERNET devices? If they had overages with internet they still owe the overages so it doesn't help those people at all.

fifty nine

Sussex, NJ

Re: unlimited data?

Yeah this all seems like a gimmick.

I used little voice and SMS which is unlimited anyway.

I used about a half gig of data.


Weirton, WV

Re: unlimited data?

make news by pretending to be nice but leaving out that people used their data up but those fees won't be waived.

Carteret, NJ

How about data

I have the 6GB share plan for data. I used it during the hurrican to access the internet. I am at 4.3 GB already with 11 days to go. I wonder if Verizon won't charge if you go over your data allotment.
tom thomas


1 edit

how does this work

how exactly does this work for someone not on unlimited

do you get the base price(the part that include the minute bucket) of the plan reduced from your bill? or does it only cover overages? if so most loyal customer on higher dollar plans will get nothing.

what about per minute paygo users? can they talk and text without depleting minute balance?

p.s. it looks like from reading the q&a that what this does is prevent usage from depleting the minutes in the bucket, i suspect for most users this will have no effect at all no what they pay verizon. they will just have more minutes left over at the end of the month than usual. the only people who would save are those who had a lot of extra usage beyond what is normal and would have gone into overage territory. i wonder if people actually use there phone more during a disaster. i would think not mush more for talk and text but perhaps a big surge in data. verizon would help people a lot more by stopping the data counter.


New York, NY

Account Credit

I'll believe it when I see it. I was without power for 4 days and I want credit. It's time for a law, yes law to force cell companies to have independent power sources to their cell towers. Non cable triple play land lines work fine. Verizon copper wire service in NY for one.....


Newburgh, NY

This is what is known as....

Good, cheap PR. Looks good but doesn't really cost much.

Lake Grove, NY

And what about Fios users without Verizon Wireless??

I've been without phone service since Tuesday and this is AFTER I got my service back due to Sandy. My phone is out because the BBU that Verizon supplied is faulty. I have incurred a lot of cell phone overages due to this. Don't think they'll address that.

Beer...The other white meat.
Not There

News Worthy?

Verizon Wireless did this for me during Isaac, but since I'm on unlimited text & data it really didn't affect me much.
I'm actually not funny, I'm just really mean and people think I'm joking.


Newtown, PA

NJ and NY only?

Why not PA? We got hit hard too. :\

Brooklyn, NY

free? very suspicious

I've recently learned that FEMA is issuing all kinds of EXTRA GENEROUS monies around the Metro area which could be spurring this kind of spontaneous "kindness".

(retracting political spin to stay on topic).