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Verizon to Close App Store in January
'Evolving Strategy' By Giving Up on Lost Cause
by Karl Bode 04:19PM Monday Nov 05 2012
Hoping to retain control in the wireless market, back in 2009 Verizon announced their app store in the hopes of taking market share away from Android Marketplace and, ultimately, iTunes. In 2010 the app store launched, though interest in the store was tepid when compared with its iOS and Android rivals. In 2011 Verizon tried to revamp the store somewhat, partnering with a company named Chomp to revamp search functionality, while also eliminating the VCast name and simply calling the store "Verizon Apps."
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It didn't help to make the store any more popular.

According to a Verizon blog post, the company says that they'll be acknowledging defeat and will start shutting down their app store in January. The company says users will be notified of the store closure in January, with the store itself shut down completely by the end of March, 2013.

Verizon doesn't mention the lack of consumer interest, or their belated realization that it was futile for an innovation-challenged network operator to compete with the Apple app store or Android marketplace. According to Verizon, the company is simply "evolving our strategy to further simplify today’s experience and meet the needs of tomorrow."

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