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Verizon/Frontier Sale Not a Done Deal
by sashwa 10:03PM Sunday May 23 2010
by wvmetronews.com

The sale of Verizon's landline service to Frontier Communications isn't wrapped up just yet. Before both sides sign on the dotted line, the West Virginia Consumer Advocate Division wants to make sure some changes are made.

The state Public Service Commission signed off on the deal last week. West Virginia was the last of 13 states to give their approval to the sale.

But state Consumer Advocate Byron Harris says because the deal was thousands of pages long, there are a few issues he believes the PSC has overlooked and they need to be addressed. That's why CAD is filing a Motion for Reconsideration.

"We think that the Commission didn't adequately review a couple of the aspects of the take over."

One involves 2,000 Verizon customers in Mineral County. They're served by the company's Maryland division which isn't part of the sale. Harris says the Commission needs to made sure before the transaction is finalized between the two companies that those customers will be served. He believes that needs to be made a condition of closing.

Another issue involves bundling of services. Verizon has a contract with Direct TV. Frontier does not.

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