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Verizon's NYC LTE Hits 80 Mbps Using AWS Spectrum
by Karl Bode 07:04PM Tuesday Oct 15 2013
Verizon has launched LTE using the company's Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) spectrum in New York City, and the faster speeds may just be something to write home about. Kevin Fitchard at GigaOM notes that Verizon has begun testing LTE signals in the 2.1 GHz AWS band using a full 40 MHz of spectrum as the company slowly begins using the AWS spectrum to improve their existing LTE footprint nationwide. The results (though on an unlaunched network with no commercial load) are impressive: 80 Mbps down and 15 Mbps up, with a theoretical top end of 150 Mbps for the 40-MHz LTE network.

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West Tenness

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reply to carlnyc

Re: Bye Bye Wi-Fi!

said by carlnyc :

How so? Verizon wireless only offer caps. Impressive LTE speeds are nothing if you are limited to a small amount of caps.

The 150 Mbps is for only ONE user. Each user reduces that max. If you have 30 users each watching Netflix at 5 Mbps each there goes all the bandwidth. I guess everyone else will have to wait until those 30 are done with their Netflix use. This is why you have caps.