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Verizon's Officialy Now A GSM Carrier
Well, assuming you don't look at the actual network (yet)...
by Karl Bode 10:14AM Tuesday Jun 22 2010 Tipped by Gbcue See Profile
In what's a bit of news that just feels strange given Verizon's long history as a CDMA/EVDO operator: the GSM Association has announced that Verizon is now a member of the Association. Verizon CTO Dick Lynch has also been appointed a seat on the GSMA's 26 member board of directors. Of course all of this comes ahead of Verizon's planned launch of LTE services in 25-30 markets later this year, as an endless series of rumors about a GSM Verizon iPhone seem to continually percolate (It will arrive in August for sure! It will arrive in the fourth quarter, no doubt! The White iPhone is secretly for Verizon only! Etc.). Whatever the case, the bureaucratic portion of Verizon's migration to a GSM operator is now complete.

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